Juno TOP 50 Deep House – Bestsellers

Ayer vimos en Extramusic , blog que recomendamos totalmente , el ranking de los 50 temas de Deep House mas vendidos en Juno. http://extramusicnew.blogspot.com/2008/12/juno-top-50-deep-house-bestsellers.html

Y aunque generalmente no es facil coincidir en gustos , estamos totalmente de acuerdo del buen gusto que han tenido al seleccionarlo (sobre todo en tan maravilloso top ten).

Atención que algunas de las referencias ya fueron posteadas en tan magnifico blog para su descarga y disfrute.

1 MOODY aka MOODYMANN Det Riot ’67 (12″) KDJ US
2 SMITH, Delano Sunrise EP (12″) Third Ear UK
3 DER DRITTE RAUM Swing Bop (12″) Save To Disc Recordings Germany
4 MARX, Bim Stronger (12″) Stilove4music Germany
5 SOUND STREAM Live Goes On (12″) Sound Stream Germany
6 MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE Raw Cuts #2 (12″) Raw Cuts
7 HOT COINS You Can’t Pray For Your Soul (12″) Untracked
8 BROTHERS VIBE Platter Sugar (12″) Mixx US
9 M FOR Larkshead (12″) Reincarnation Holland
10 CAVALIER Ride ‘Em EP (12″) Drumpoet Community Switzerland
11 HOLY GHOST INC/AFEFE IKU Secretsundaze: Album Sampler B (12″) Secretsundaze Music
12 GEIST, Morgan Detroit (12″) Environ US
13 LIL LOUIS French Kissing EP (12″) Mathematics US
14 PARRISH, Theo feat DUMMINE DEPORES Chemistry (12″) Sound Signature US
15 WADSWORTH, Kris Deport This (12″) Hypercolour
16 BRITTAIN, Joel Me & My Big Grill (12″) Wrong Recordings
17 SHAHROKH SOUND OF K See The Light (12″) Compost Black Label Germany
18 TRENT, Ron/MISSING SOUL/TRINIDADIAN DEEP Artifacts From The Future (12″) Future Vision US
19 CURD, James feat J DUB You Know What To Do (12″) Greenskeepers US
20 HEARD, Larry 25 Years From Alpha EP (12″) Alleviated US 12
21 AZUNI City Look (double 12″) STHLM Audio Switzerland
22 BROTHERS VIBE/MINILOGUE/TONY FOSTER Carry On Pretend We’re Not In The Room: Part 1 Of 2 (12″) Curle Belgium
23 YOST, Kevin/GUY MONK Solid (CD) I! US
24 PHLASH & FRIENDS Runnin (12″) Archive Italy
25 CRUZ, Flora Let The Sunshine Out (remixes) (12″) Ibadan US
26 FRIENDLY FIRES Paris (12″) XL
28 GRAFF, Willie/TUCCILLO When The Sun Goes Down (12″) Drumpoet Community Switzerland
29 SOUND STREAM Freakin (12″) Sound Stream Germany
30 GARNIER, Laurent The Man With The Red Face (12″) F Communications France
31 JG ALIM Make Your Mind Up (12″) Wiggle
32 BOYCE, Gavin Face Down EP (12″) Nordic Trax Canada
33 W & P HGG Funkstart (12″) Cornuta Sound Germany
34 DJ AAKMAEL Music EP (12″) Uzuri Recordings
35 CHACONA, Nick/ANTHONY MANSFIELD Shirts Off (12″) Hector Works US
36 FLOWERZ, Frankie Break The Barriers (12″) Internasjonal Norway
37 TRENT, Ron Jazz It Up (12″) Future Vision US
38 LOVEBIRDS Gentle EP (12″) Teardrop France
39 KONG, TJ/NUNO DOS SANTOS feat ROBERT OWENS Merging (remixes) (12″) Compost Black Label Germany
40 STRYKE The Narrowest Of Paths (remixes) (12″) Plastic City Germany
41 DOKES, Reggie/DISCREET UNIT/FUDGE FINGAS Release Yourself (12″) Prime Numbers
42 BELL, Norma Jean Do You Wanna Party? (12″) Funky Chocolate
43 LINKWOOD/FUDGE FINGAS/THE COMPLAINERS Firecracker EP 2 (10″) Firecracker
44 BRUN, Ane Headphone Silence (12″) Objektivity US
45 JOHNNY D Orbitalife (12″) Oslo Germany
47 MAYANJA, Jenifa/VARIOUS Sound Dig Series Vol 1 (mixed CD) Bu Mako US
48 KINK Check Dat Funk Jigga! (12″) SpatulaCity US
49 DJ ERIK BO/TONY WILL/THE QUIRK BURGLARS/FRAIDSO Robsoul Ltd Sampler 18 (12″) Robsoul Limited France
50 KEMISTRY Buzz Parade EP (12″) Shack Music

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